Greetings, wanderer.

My name is Ivan.

I write fiction, essays and translate old Russian texts. In my work, I explore contemporary and near-future problems often dissecting them from whimsical and darkly comical angles. I love literature, stylised prose, allegories, absurd and satire, weirdo and obsessed characters talking and thinking out loud, magic realism, a mixture of real and surreal, sci-fi, fantasy. These things have been influencing me a lot and perhaps some of them could be traced in my work, too. But this will be up to you to decide.

If you like the idea of reading something like I described above, … well, you know what to do.

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My work

If you don’t know where to start…

Here are four short stories:

and three essays:

and two translations (from Russian):

You can find all my work here.


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